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July 2024
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LANZ, Floodlight, Full Colour, LED, Spotlight, Downlight, Stadium
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First we created a very flexible light source based on an unibody chip- and reflector housing where the beam angle is adjustable. In order to use this system for different power ratings, we combined this system with a flexible heatsink length and a multi head design.


Based on this system we developed a multi mounting system that meets all applications in the best way. 270° rotation, 40° tilt angle for downlight and a rail system with an oval pipe design for spotlight.


How can you create a perfect LED light system?

The answer is quite simple… 


„create an all in one system“


With standard diameter starting from 39 mm / 65 mm / 80 mm and 120 mm, we can create all light fixtures you can imagine.


And this at the full colour range of more than 4 billion color choices!

multi head design

from a single head for industrial downlight applications to high power multi head flood lights for stadium illumination.

multi angle system

the ultimate system for large area illumination. At all heads, the beam angle, the direction and the power can be adjusted.

full color system

high power in full color are the best choice for event halls, hotels and all other modern illuminations, like sport centre.

multi mounting design

with 270° rotation mechanism and 40° tilt angle the system is the most advanced downlight solution on the market.

rail and cluster design

if normal light rail system or high bay cluster versions, the RALED LINE system provides always the best solution.

flexible stripe design

under water or invisible mounted at the ceiling, the high power strip in full color becomes the perfect design choice.

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At most events separate light systems need to be installed. Why not using your whole light system in addition. Imagine for your concert in a huge stadium the whole high power light system can be integrated in the light show.


How can you create a perfect LED light control system?

The answer is quite simple… 


„use the most advanced“


With our high advance DMX512 decoder and driver every light control is easy to realise and due to the high speed communication protocols extremely fast.


High speed light control at stage grade performance integrated at all our fixtures!

DMX-512 controller

high speed two wire or wireless bus system at high professional grade communication protocol offers outstanding opportunities at every application.

human centric light

with full color range, high speed control of each light source the generation of human centric light illumination becomes a easy task.

integrated emergency light

the highest level of security at emergency illumination can be achieved with build in emergency light function. Every fixture can be equipped.

daylight control

based on a ultra high speed bus system for light and sensors the adjustment of each single light source fits all demands and saves energy.

plant growing control

full color systems with high speed control brings the freedom to apply any light scene during the whole growing cycle.

customer guiding control

with the light intensity, color and effects your customer can be guided in many events. Attracting customers with living light scenes.